Some interiors

Hi there,

Long time without any post, so I thought I could share some blender modellings rendered with Octane. Rendering time varied from 20 min to 2 hours depending on the scene, the view or lighting.

Edit : Forgot to mention that the scene was exported with the Blender to Octane script.


Wow now that is amazing

Looks great, but I think the ladder needs a bigger or higher res texture. Other than that, good job! :slight_smile:

These are amazing as your exteriors, excellent job and surely has better quality than this forum can afford.
Five stars from me.

this sets the bar really high :slight_smile: W O W
what are you using to render with (oh!!1 octane… damn)? care to tell us more?

I was really digging your exterior shots in the other thread. Sadly, the interior not so much.

For me the bookshelf just looks really ugly. The wood pattern looks like cheap chipboard, and the lighting seems flat and uniform. Whether or not that’s the renderers fault I don’t know. Also, because the chairs and table have the exact same wood texture so they all blend into each other, and nothing stands out. My eyes just bounce around the scene looking for something to focus on.

I do love the palm tree and sofa models though. They look fantastic!

I do really love your work, and with a little bit of tweaking I think this could be up there with your other stuff.

Keep it up!

well, they’re realistic, of course, but otherwise, they’re quite boring.

well, they’re realistic, of course, but otherwise, they’re quite boring.

“IMO”, the missing acronym here…
I wish I could live in a house like this. A very convincing presentation. Great material for our banner here.

Lets say, I start writing about what I find boring in this forum. To ask for help and no replays. To complain for something wrong in blender and this turns most people here to be offensive. This is predictable and boring spacetug. IMO of course.

I think most of us know what the general concensus on arch viz is at the moment. I hear alot of people complaing about how boring and mundane it is, we see it everywhere, bla bla bla.

More arch viz please. Technically, great renders.

Are you sure you didn’t get those pictures with a camera?

a virtual camera capturing virtual light rays, that’s for sure. :wink:

I’m sorry, I guess I was under the (mistaken?) impression that the blenderartists forum was supposed to be about art? :confused:

um, are you serious Spacetug? :confused: those are totally awesome! i’d say they’re definitely art :smiley:

really totally awesome, enricoceric! :smiley: i think these should go in the gallery…

Why wouldn’t you call this art?

But modeling a car is art?

Spacetug, no offense, sorry man. Its difficult to say what’s art what’s not. Technics and art were always good friends if not the same thing in the end.

About these renders, I really like the visualization here, I like the whole concept. And five stars from me once again.
I hope that one day we’ll see BI having this lighting quality.
BTW Is there any other blender forum dedicated to technics only? One I don’t know already lol. One that I can discuss some SSS problems etc. The ‘tests’ topic here is rather for ‘my tests’ only.

very nice render, done using Pathtracing?
for those who like renders:

no, it’s also about default cubes and invisible monsters… :o


It looks really good, but I agree with most of what Andrew says.