Some issues

guys, i can’t seem to figure out my problem.
In the Logic Bricks. Actuator option > motion state> simple motion or servo control.
Im quite confused.

Whenever I use simple motion, and press W <forward>, and collide with an object, I somehow bounce back depending on how strong I collide with the object.

And when I use servo Control, and pressing W <forward>, my object doesn’t bounce back. But a slight press on the W button, my Object slides…

What I want as an outcome is that when I press any movement key:

  1. My character will not slide if the movement key is released.
  2. My character will not bounce back whenever it collides with a static object.

please help. THanks

add Materials" to your objects and “play” with “friction” in the “DYN” tab!

Set everything up the way you had it when the characters bounces back. Use ray sensors to stop your character when it’s very close to a wall.

OTO, I cant seem to figure out what you mean? can you give me a step by step sample? or a simple Blend file? Help is appreciated

Dedean16, what do you mean by ray sensors? Is it the “space>add>empty” option? is that what you mean? and how does it work? Please tutor me, thanks.

and what exporter can export both the material, animation, and the texture here in blender?thanks