Some jobs done with Blender 2.53 Beta

I have updated my vimeo with some new jobs. I used Blender Alpha and Beta to do them, the final touch was done in AfterEffects because I’m not good enough with Blender Nodes… I know it could be done only in Blender…
Blender is very useful even in the current Beta stage and is becoming a powerful tool for video design. I can’t wait for the death of all the bugs :slight_smile:

Please, check them and sorry for my english, I’m currently working on it!

That’s fantastic stuff Everton. Very creative.

They are all great! i especially love the corridor. was the road and environment in Rolling stone also 3d in blender or composited? (im d_enes on vimeo)

Everything was made in Blender. The road is just a plane with a high resolution texture, the sky is a sky texture in the World and the horizon trees are just planes with alpha texture to illustrate a nice horizon. Just the color correction was done in AfterEffects.

Ah, Thank’s for the comments CD38 and wysiwyg.

WOW, good stuff!