some Keyframe to delete in 2.79

i got some yellow lines in time line window

I don’t see any keyframe in other windows like graph dope ect…

so how I delete these yellow line if they are not keyframes?

happy bl

They have to be somewhere. Can you post a blend?

see these

sorry tried to upload file but does not do it
will try later on

happy bl


upload it and post the url.

don’t understand why I cannot add file
it is uploaded but no added !

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It was added and is there at the link you provided.

Your phantom keys are on the grease pencil.


grease anim !
I don’t really use these so not certain why this was added

check the grease pencil panel and did not see anything !

how do you find these ?
theses were not shown in any of the other window line LNA or other

aby little code snippet that can help find if any exist may be?

also do you delete a key frame now on window
press Alt+I andchoose ‘Delete Keyframe’
that did not work !

happy bl

I used the delete key in the grease pencil dopesheet. Seems Alt-i is for 3D view selected. I couldn’t find any grease pencil. I’m not up to speed on the workings of that feature yet. I only noticed the keyframes on the second pass through the dopesheet windows.

Notice the outliner was spread open… I was huntin’ and swearing! Then took a breath and tried another pass where I know keys live, slow and deliberate, because Blender is a beast. Move too fast and she’ll bite you every time. All of a sudden the keys were staring me in the face. Amazing.

I don’t know GP so maybe some auto key feature but many if not most “how did that happen” problems start with a errant keypress.

Have a good weekend.