Some kind of ball picture

(Turrin) #1

I don’t remember when I made this, but I do know it was a test involving Blender’s lights. It didn’t turn out the way I expected it to, but I think it looks pretty cool anyway.

Oh yeah, I have no idea why I named it “crazy.”


(hannibar) #2

Nice lighting effect. Very softlooking.
How did you setup the lights?

(Turrin) #3

I am not completely sure what I did here. I know that I was trying to use lights of several different colors to produce white light. So there are three lights, one of red, yellow, and blue. I think I have also thrown a texture in there. It would only have been a cloud texture. That’s about what I can remember.


(VelikM) #4

Thats an interesting effect, kind of like velvet.