Some kind of new character

I have been working on this character for quite a while. Originally I posted the mesh on blendswap. Seeing some positive feedback for the download I decided to improve it a bit. It is a male character. I don’t particularly like characters with too much muscle on them so I went for something a bit slim

I was planning to make this into a fully fledged character. My problem is now that want to paint the textures from scratch and try so sculpt some details into it too. Any tips for this or the character in general?

I’m too new at Blender to give out any tips, but I’m really liking the look of the character so far. Keep it up!

Well, if you are new to this, I have uploaded an older version of him on blendswap. Here is the link : I wanted to make some kind of futuristic character. I need some tips on how to make wrinkles and skin pores in blender or mudbox.

Cool! I haven’t checked out blendswap yet but I will now, lol.

If you plan on animating him, the only thing I would say is that you may get some strange deformation in the chin and elbow areas. Consider having continuous loops. Other than that, looks great.