Some kitchen pot - update

I’ve met blender ±1 month ago, so that makes me very happy with this render, i’m still working on it, modeling forks and knifes to fill this cup :slight_smile: I had lots of troubles making the chrome actually look chrome… Its not perfect but i think i’m close.

I have a question tho: I used the yafray integrated render, and I dont understand why I get this ‘noisy’ render, instead of a sharp render. Is it OSA related?

C&C very welcome since i’m still a newbie! Specially on the light!

Welcome to Blender. Your render looks very good, and i have 2 crits:

  1. there is not enough friction on a smooth metal surface to keep the spoon at its present angle. It seems like it should be leaning against the side.
  2. With the sphere, you have a classic ‘floater’. Zoom way in, and pull itall the way down to the surface of the plane.

thanks for the crits, highly appreciated!

  1. thanks, i’ll try to correct that!
  2. The sphere was not supposed to be there at all lol! I just included it to see how were the shadows being casted and then I forgot to remove it.


nice design :slight_smile:

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think you need yafray for such a scene. have you tried rendering with the normal raytracer instead of yafray?

I believe you could get the same scene, with less noise


Some update: added more spoons to the cup.

C&C allways welcome! :slight_smile:

I suggest Sub Surface the spoons and the holder. you can see sharp edges on them

Changing the camera angle slightly. Maybe lift it a little higher. It looks strange having the top of the container at the same hight as the camera.

But its looking good already. :stuck_out_tongue:

The scene can be as abstract as you please; the “floater” sets the scene just fine. The interaction between the spoons and their container is intended to be the object of my view, but the spoons keep pulling my eye.

A spoon is a special, difficult object. The bowl of the spoon needs to reflect something, like an “environment map.” If it’s a pure studio-shot (the only thing back there is the light-boxes of the photo studio…), a photographer would probably angle the spoons differently.

Also it’s really important to clearly define the edge of the spoon. Whether you do it with light or with shadow, you need a very clear delineation between the edge of the spoon and its background.

Finally, remember that the eye will always be drawn to the brightest object in-camera, which is also one reason why my eyes are dragged back to the spoon (and why I noticed a “problem” there but never gave the lower part of the pic more than a glance). Pay close attention to where you want the viewer’s gaze to rest, and on the path that the viewer’s eye will take when absorbing the picture.

The render and the design are good. The remaining issues are lighting, and please understand, those are small. Tweaks.

I wish I had chrome silverware like that :slight_smile:

good job so far, and very neat with the materials