Some little problems

So I have 2 problems, 1. I want to make an opening door when you get near it, I have the IPO curves recorded, the logic bricks for the door is Near>And>IPO. But when I get near the door the door doesnt open.

  1. Collision detection, I added rigid bodies to some crates and the player, I gave the player a greater mass then the boxes but When I get hit the boxes I just go through them. Logic is Actor>Dynamic>Rigid Bodies> Bounds is Box.

Any help is welcome

  1. Just add an invisible ghost trigger box, set the sensor to collision, select both objects, and link the collision sensor from the trigger box to activate the IPO.

  2. Make sure the player does not use dLoc, which doesn’t work very well for stuff like that. Use linV. Also, select the crates and hit control+a.

Ok the player is not using dloc, BUT its parented to the camrea which is parented to an empty that uses dloc. Is that whats causing the problem?

Yes, that is the problem.

The player needs to move by itself, if it is the child of a moving object it will just go right through objects no matter what you do.