Some Luxrenders

Decided its time for me to post something and get criticism :rolleyes:
Those are some renders i liked and kept lying around.

Software used:
Blender 2.49


Amazing work thorougly! Any idea of the rendering times?
Mickey-character looks nice to me, although the shadow under his lip is a bit sharp for my eyes. The Marble looks fabulous and the glass texture is a delight :slight_smile:

Thank you. The first one with the marble took 25 hours if i remember right. The reason was some strange firefly-spot under the skull, caused probably by the glass. It is still noticeable but my patience expired. The others took 3-4 hours each on pentium 2.2 ghz.
Who is afraid of noise anyway :wink:

i love the marble in the first one, the only thing i can see that you should change is the texture of the skull to a more mate less glossy color. but other than that amazing work.