Some Mac help....

I am very new to Blender, stupid, AND a Mac operator and keep running into button/control/hot key conflicts in the Mac version from most tutorials and on-line help. For example, the html version of the 2.0 guides explains mirroring as “Select all vertices (AKEY) and press the 3DWindow toolbar button which resembes a cross-hair (Figure 13). Now, leave the mouse still. Press SHIFT-D to duplicate all selected vertices, edges and faces, SKEY to switch to “Scale” mode, then XKEY followed by either ENTER or a LMB click to flip the duplicate.”
I have not been able to mirror anything in Blender. I was using rotate as a work-around, but that is incorrect. If anyone knows of a macintosh-heavy web resource, please let me know!!!

SORRY! Sorry SORRY! I found it.
BUt I still wish there was a more mac-friendly presence in the community, so I don’t take up everyone’s time with these dumb questions.
God I love this program more and more every day!

I’m a mac user and proud of it :smiley: In case you havn’t found how to mirror stuff yet, in edit mode, select what you want to mirror. And press M, then just choose which way you want to mirror it.

Yeah, I figured out mirroring, but I still am stumbling along on things that I can’t translate into Mac-speak. an example would be getting into the numeric contro; where Blender gives you arrows for up and down (animation end-frame defaults as frame #250, to lower that I have to hit the down arrow 210 times to get to #40.) Can’t you access the number itself and type in the # you want?
And the Yafray pkg I downloaded. Where does it go? I double-click the .pkg, It opens OSX installer, says its installed, but I don’t know whee, or how to use it…
Just some of my initial difficulties.
Thanks to all

Hey ok first. For the frames, if you wanna move one at a time, press Left or Right arrow, depending on which way you want to go. Then if you wanna move in increments of 10 press the up or down arrow keys, or to go to the start or end, hold down shift while pressing left or right arrow keys. Now for Yafray, when you install it Blender should regonize that it’s there, and just work. But I’m not sure, I havn’t used yafray much yet. I hope this has answered your questions. If not feel free to keep asking :slight_smile:

Not the frame rate that the left right arrows control, more like you add an object that has ring/segment/whatever parameters and before the object is created, small prompts with a default # pop-up. I can only change these # by clicking the arrows on the screen up or down. And the animation render default in the button menu is 250 frames, also apparently controlled by arrows on the screen. Why can’t I click in the # field and change the # manually?
Also, where can I find info on combining items from one blend into a different project? In Mac-speak, cut/copy and paste? I’m new to this, but looking down the road, I could see the need for bringing in a character from a previous proj to a new one. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but these are some of the things I can see myself obsessing about!
Thanks for reading.

If I understand you right, when the box pop’s up with the value, and you want to change that value. Hold down Shift and click in the field. It when then let you manualy type in the value :slight_smile: For the next question. To add a model from one project to another. Go up to file and hit Append. Then navigate to the .blend of the model you want to add. Then if it’s a mesh you are trying to add, press Object, then select the name of the mesh you want.

Thanks Mr_Bomb, I appreciate all your help and will try to adapt to this fun and unique interface. Hopefully Blender Guide 2.32 will be out soon and I will have a better grasp, without bothering anybody with my silly questions. Hopefully I won’t be blackballed before I need to ask some REAL questions on the forum!!!

No problem man. Always glad to help someone.