Some Mac user has tested an Egpu?

seems that Apple users like me has entered in an uncertain times. I used a macbook pro since 8 years (and always it rocked), but now it’s time to upgrade it. But which choice is better? maybe is time to reconsider get back to Pc? Or, still there is a possibility to hold macbook pros on the stage? Add a Egpu like the Blackmagic for instance that apple recommends on its site would be a good bet? There is somebody who can talk about this, somebody who has tested this already and wants to share its experience?

I would not be surprised if in the next major OSX update Blender and many other openGL based programs have major problems or do not work at all.

Also, OSX does not allow blender to speed up Cycles rendering via the GPU so even if Egpu works perfectly for you, it will not speed up cycles, only eevee. My 2014 macbook pro with nvidia graphics cannot handle cameray depth of field blur in eevee so I bought a gaming laptop. I was pleasantly surprised to find my cycles renders were more than twice as fast because in Windows cycles is allowed to use the gpu to speed up rendering.

hey thisoldier, thank you for the response. But all this still can change?, I mean if Metal language can bring new winds to this paradigma?

Last I heard they were going to wait for some other library to be built that automatically ports some opengl and/or vulkan based code to be metal based code. So first step is they have to rebuild blender with vulkan. 2nd step is hoping and praying such a library does a good job because it doesn’t seem like the Blender devs have any intention of writing any code in Metal language if they don’t have to.

right, so everything can happens, but in the meantime Pc laptops seems the best bet for blender users

hi jordi, if you want to focus on cycles - and using blender is the main purpose of the laptop, than a PC laptop is the best choice, no doubt. and that will not change in the near future, I think.
but there is an alternative…

I’m a mac user myself and I am looking forward to octane X for mac metal, which is currently in closed beta. supposed to come out later this year. there will also be a blender version of octane. and then you can fully use the amd graphics cards with metal on a mac. also an egpu.
octane X looks extremely interesting, by the way. it also has it’s own realtime render engine, called brigade (similar to eevee) BUT it’s a full raytracer! and…for whoever wants it…you could even use an iPhone 11 as a render slave when you work with octane on a mac! :grin:

octane will not be free, though. as far as I know. I think it will be around 15-17 euros per month…

Definitively, a good choice to have in mind, thanks a lot to remind me that. Not happy with its monthly quote, but the most important here is if octane renderer is better than cycles, and take all the decisions in that direction…