Some Material questions

So in order to save time and textures on less important objects, I thought instead of creating a spec and normal map out of a diffuse or use any other workflow, I may just as well use the diffuse map and tweak it in the nodes with a color ramp to achieve the spec map.
Like this:

Now, in order to use the diffuse also for the normal input, I would have to use its black and white information as a bump map.
So my question is, can I use a bump map instead of a normal map in upbge 0.2.5?
If so, how?

And my last question is regarding the roughness and metallic inputs on the material node.
Upbge .2.5 doesnt have PBR materials, right?
So why is there a roughness and metallic input and how should I use them?

Thanks in advance for any clarification!

the easiest way is to add a material, create a new one called the texture and make it shadeless (to be safe).

  • add a texture to it and only enable “normal” influence.
  • set texture space (not object space) and high quality right under influences.
  • plug the normal socket into what you need.
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That works, thanks :slight_smile:

Although the object shouldn’t be shadeless otherwise you don’t see the effect of the bump map.
On this matter, is it possible to access parallax mapping via nodes?
Can’t find any node to set it up…

There is.

File-Path method.

Node Editor >> Vector >> Parallax

Short-Cut method.

Node Editor >> SHIFT + A >> Search >> Parallax
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Oh man, sorry, I’m blind :confused:
Thank you!

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