Some material to multiple objecs

how can assign in cycles the some materials to multiple objects at some time?
I have a scene with many objects (30) but need to assign the some materials, seems cannot do so.

select all the objects. Assign the material, which will only apply to the last selected object. Press Ctrl+L and select to link ‘Materials’.

Or material utils (Q key) > assign material.

Thanks to all for the answer.
Material Utils? On q key I have only quit blender, or is another key? I found quit blender useless so map on it quick tool addon.

It’s shipped with Blender and the default keymap is Q, but you can assign it to anything else of course.

Thanks again hadriscus, but are you sure about the name? I don’t find it into userpreference>imput

it’s an addon. you need to check the ‘Materials Utils’ in the addons tab. then the ‘Q’ key will work. :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile: