Some Modifier Animated

Hi! :slight_smile:
Just watched this video some time ago and I decided to do something similar in Blender.
I did this animation in 45min.
You can try this modifier or other one and put the result here! :eyebrowlift:
Lets take advantage from the new animation system after a LONG time without touching in modifiers animation…

Freestyle render version:


WOW! This is so mograph :wink: Finally something to play with again.

This looks awesome!

Impressive work, man!
I’m experimenting long ago with modifiers animated. It’s truly amazing, and with this new version is even easier to get everything moving! :wink:

The screw modifier produces ugly black render anomalies.

What is the trick to removing that unwanted garbage?

Thank you all! But I can’t see the links to watch your tests…:eyebrowlift2: Come on, guys! Let’s try to anime modifiers and share here!

I don’t know about those black render anomalies… I just use the modifier randomly and I don’t cared about anomalies with the mesh, It just work very well.
Here is the file:


FLUX.blend (506 KB)

I just rendered it again but at this time I used the Freestyle Render Branch.

That Freestyle is really cool feature!!! The possibilities with Blender are growing and growing… and we are just in bug fixing time!!!