Some more archviz

Very happy with how the flower centerpiece turned out in this one. The rest may need work.

Let me know your thoughts.


It’s very nice work:) May I ask how did you make the ottomant’s Texture?

It’s actually a model from Chocofur. Seems to just be an image texture which drives the colour and the bump, not sure where they got it from but it can’t be too hard to find something similar.

Well, my suggestions here would be almost the same as I’d make for any arch-viz: there’s only one light source, outside the window, and it’s cold blue. There seem to be no light fixtures on the ceiling at all. But in the real world it’s almost certain that there would be, and we can even predict the color-temperature (ºK) that they would be. (Same thing with that “sunlight” – what temperature is that?)

There would be some kind of balancing, perhaps off-camera light source, throwing warmer light in various places. They don’t have to be “practical lights,” actually visible on-screen.

Thanks for the feedback. Tried your suggestions, I think it adds a lot to the image. Could still benefit from more samples/resolution but I just wanted something to post.

Nice work, may i ask about your lighting? my interior render got so much noise when i use outdoor light.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: