Some more BigNumbers pictures...

Hi !

It’s been a while since I fiddled with my old Big Numbers Toolkit script.
I re-discovered it lately and thought I could try some more picures using it. (here is the thread with the first pictures I made with it to restore the context)

It is nothing new or even remotely impressive but it was good fun :slight_smile:

For LeaderOf ThePack, I’ll try a little animation. The leading pile of cubes “walk” slowly through the scene and the followers follow franticaly, mimicking the boss.

The forum has cropped them and applied aggressive jpeg compression
Here are links to the proper images:

There are plenty of things to make better on the screws: materials, lighting etc: later !
I find it funny to quickly put together little images like that, without ambition, just for the fun of it !


Nice images. I’m a big fan of your script. Did you make any updates to it or just new pictures? Either way great stuff.