Some more chocolate

It has been some years since I did some chocolate using 3ds max with blender simulation, this one

Since then, I have always wanted to try it again, but this time using only blender. Now with tools like Cycles and remesh modifier, I could. There are still some superior things in max that would help a LOT in blender, like dynamic vertex groups (they are real modifiers, I don’t have to enter edit mode and assign manually to each vertex, something that is actually impossible with fluid simulation or mesh sequence animations). So, here is the current effort:

And some stills following.
I don’t like so much the camera in the chocolate bar, but I wanted to show that I was able to solve almost completely the simulator bug of making huge wrinkles in the mesh. I will also something with better angle.

The method I used to clean up the simulator bugs on the mesh was quite different between both renders. The bar used mostly shrinkwrap with animated vertex (thanks a lot for the animALL plugin, because using shape keys would have made this a nightmare!) and the strawberry used both this and a lot of remesh. It was a lot more complex, since the chocolate fell on itself twice.

Although I don’t think I will have time to work on this again soon, any critiques and suggestions are very welcome for my next attempts.

Here are the strawberries for whoever want it.


Wow that looks really awesome! Like straight out of a commercial.

Here is a different view of the bar


Amazing, can you do a tutorial?

This is incredible! Especially that most recent render you just posted. It’s amazing that you can render such a large image of it, and it still looks not only edible, but delicious!

I’m hungry just looking at it! The best CG chocolate I have seen so far.

Dammit, its midnight here, and now I want chocolate… I would also like to see a tutorial on this.

is awesome man!, really awesome, tutorial please!!!, you will be loved!

Thanks people!

I don’t think people would like the way I did this. It uses a lot of bad workflow and patches to fix bugs. Plus, both chocolates used very different methods, none of them really good and pretty hard.

I have already a tutorial on the simulation part of the things. And it is still current, because I still have to use blender 2.49 for that part. 2.66 still have terrible problems like not allowing you to put a modifier before the fluid.

I will think of something. But it is going to be like the tsunami tutorial, too big and complex for anyone to care.

hi! This is really awesome. The chocolate shader is perfect! It’s really photorealistic and looks delicious :smiley:

Looks very yummy, great work!

Wow! Your strawberry’s look so real and so good.

yum yum yum hehe :smiley: nice work

Very good! Makes me hungry! The chocolate looks amazing. The strawberries are very realistic. :smiley:

Amazing guismo! You are a monster, in a good way! How did you do the strawberries? It was a displacement modifier or modeling?

Really, convicing result

Truly a pro!!!

Oi Victor, valeu!
Yes, displacement with baked occlusion.
The strawberries are simple enough, so I guess I will post them in blendswap, so you can see. Nothing too fancy.

And thanks everyone again

too good!!! white bar is very milky,love it!!!

that is something wow :smiley:

Great, Excellent, Nice, Good, Wow, Perfect, Cool, Awesome, Good Job, and my words are finished. :slight_smile: