ha, i just love these nurbs and shaders !

Ick… looks very good indeed!

If it was animated and pulsing it’d be seriously disturbing. %|

Reminds me of the leeches from resident evil for some reason. I would love to see it animated rolling across a floor.



it looks like those bags of fake eyeballs u can get, like at halloween where u can squidge em around

very nice modelling

hey, i would love to animate it…loox up some tuts


ok…i’ve tried to animate…but when i play the animation, some of my other animations that i’ve done in the past are included to…

The other animations are included because they are located in the same place. Put it to another directory and it’ll just be that one animation.

ah, yes…fixed that problem

now…im trying to start with the first frame, insert a loc key, then go up 10 frames, size the object and insert another keyframe(loc) and all the animation is doing is moving my object from side-to-side

you have to insert size keyframes (they might be called scale). Like this: (Frame 1) I --> Insert Size Keyframe … move to diff frame … resize object … I --> Insert Size Keyframe . Done.

Loc = location
Rot = rotation
Size = size
LocRot = location + rotation

btw, nice texture. :wink:

two thumbs up!

Nice …
All of the shaders I have seen on this board lately only have red viens though … shouldnt there be bluish ones as well ?

I think that and a bit more definition and this one is the best I’ve seen

you could animate texture setting…eg
key-01>I-allsettings >displacement map 0.25
key-50>I-allsettings >displacement map 1.25

very easy unlimited possibilities really :slight_smile:
size offset etc etc
(mouse in texture setting panel, I)
hehehe just a though, add another displacement map with 1 lump, and have it moving around like somthing looking for a way out, maybe with a faint colour to it like it is stressing the membrain arghhhhhh!!!

oh ! i love that idea ! but i wonder…how do i change the size ? and, with the one lump idea…how would i make it move around…?