Some more images I painted in Pixia...

Hello! it’s months i don’t post on elysiun, since i am really busy – but i thought it could be nice to show some digital painting i’ve done in Pixia :


“cosa ne è stato dei miei sogni?” (what happened to my dreams?)

“tramonto” (sunset)

“nudo1” (nude1)

“posso volare oltre le nuvole,e sfidare la notte” (i can fly beyond the clouds, and defy the night)

“rosa” (rose)

They are all painted with Pixia and a tablet. I realized them to test my technique for creating custom brushes in pixia to be used with the tablet.

If you are interested, I just created a new international forum for Pixia, dedicated to the artists using it. I did it cos Pixia is the best freeware painter out there. Check it out!

Adios! And have a good time!

PS : it’s some time i don’t realize something in blender… but i am still adding little things to my short movie, if someone still remembers it… the one i developed the ocean shader for. Bye!

el sup (antonio)

They’re pretty cool.

Please don’t use pngs though. The top pic is almost half a meg, which is way too big for anyone who’s on dialup.



Really nice work! :o
i especially like “what happened to my dreams”
and the rose
they almost look like they done in oil pastel :slight_smile:

Could you maybe repost them as .jpg/.jpeg’s? I can see them with my dial up.


fragile and rose are my favourites. thanks for sharing

Nice, but posting .pngs isn’t a good idea!

I must try pixia sometime too.

–Edit – I’ve registered with your pixia board! :smiley: