Some music :)

Okay so Ive been using a music software lately and I was wondering if you guys would give me focused critique on the song? Its not finished yet, but its close, im trying to figure out what it needs

there yah go ")

:frowning: hmm thats not good, maybe thats bad. Noone commenting is probably a worse sign than someone commenting xD

No. I’ll look at it in a sec. I’m just a bit busy over here.

Its mmk :slight_smile: thank you for looking, if you catch any pops or crackles in it let me know, it means i need to do some more eq work :frowning: some people have told me that it has pops and crackles in it. not from the bass or anything, just random crackles :slight_smile:

OK, I’ve also done some work with music and I found this to be particularly repetitive for its length. As background music for a video where the repetitiveness is relevant to the video it might work, but by itself it lacks structure. (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) I kept waiting for a tune to come in, and by the three minute mark I just gave up. (There may have been a couple of pops, I did get some wawawahs in a couple of places which is usually the result of my download speed not keeping up with the stream, so that doesn’t count.)

This struck me as being the continuo base track for a piece that had a tune (probably in metal guitar) on top of it. What music software are you using? I use Noteworthy Composer.

Okay. so i looked at it and I’ll have to agree with flieg about the repetitiveness of the piece (which is great for game music. not so much for others). I also had to wait for the tune and eventually decided to scrub forwards to find it. I didn’t really find it (but i did hear some audio file about marijuana. in which case the loudness of that audio file scared the crud out of me. but probaby because my volume is loud enough already).

lmao, its some lady asking if she smells it, i thought it was a funny aud clip, so I put it in there, ive done some work to it based on your replies pick it up here

its still uploading at 8:44 am

so it should be done uploading around 9 eastern time :slight_smile:

going to be a little bit longer, its uploading pretty slow, try it in about 5-10 minutes

finished uploading :slight_smile:
personally I think I ruined it, i really need some tips on how to get this beat upped to the next level