Some my test and experiments(small scenes)

my some experiments in December.

My first test of motion blur

test of particles

test of photorealismus

another experiment

paper test

Wow :o Those must have taken awhile, I’m interested to know how you got the motion blur,particles and paper! How did you render and also what textures did you use for the paper?

Motionblur is function in render buttons Mblur.
Particles are classic particles with halo efect and halotex (texture for halo effect Noise). Paper is modelled in Blender over fractal subdivide(I imagine use paper), textures are procedural materials.

wow. my question for you is how you go about modeling the origami. is it like a superficial approximation of just what is seen by the eye, or is it actually folded in the program?

roboshobo:sorry I don’t understand you, what is superficial approximation?

Blur on the first image is good, the wood texture is sort of fuzzy though and doesn’t look good.

Second image doesn’t look like a 3D effect at all, more like tiny dabs of paint. Whether that’s good depends on what you were going for.

The third one looks good but I don’t think it’s anything close to photorealism. The texture on the table or whatever looks like it might be stretched too much, the cardboard is too smoothly wavy, and the wood of the matches doesn’t look like wood. Neverless, I really like the composition and overall effect and ignoring goals of photorealism I think it looks very good except for slightly awkward DOF.

The fifth one is well done, a bit too my abstact for my taste but that’s totally beside the modelling which is good.

The sixth one looks alright, I think you’d need a more specific goal in mind to make it look better. Also better paper texture. You do have an interesting folded paper effect though.

I like this PHOTOreal TEST - nice matches and the matchbox, flor needs retexturing.

Are the matches textured only with procedurals??


Very nice . I just have a little question: wood texture on the first pic, is it procedural or an image texture? because if it’s procedural, I’ll simply tip my hat for you (though I don’t wear one) because it looks more as a pic (?). I had already met (created) the folded paper model in some of my works , it was just an accident !!! %|

You origamied a cow pattie! ARTISTIC!
Really like the paper material settings you got going, very nice :wink: