Some never had the joy of...

Stumbling around the Net this morning I ran across this. Blender 2.45 with the Preview window open no less. Quite a few of you no doubt remember 2.45. It seems to me 2.47 was my first download. And, while I remember it fondly it should have come with a disclaimer. ‘Learning curve from Hell and has been known to cause heads to explode’

However, once learned it was extremely fast to work with. As if the madness of that interface had a master plan lurking in the background. Indeed many old users resisted the new interface since it was slowing them down.

I was on the other side. Started using blender since version 1 back in 2000 but could not stand the GUI. And as soon as 2.5 appeared I run towards it like hell.

Wholeheartedly agree. I think Blender has really gone more mainstream since the intro of the 2.5+ interface. I started using 2.47, but the buttons and tools were all over the place. Much gnashing of teeth using that thing.

My first exposure to Blender was version 1.72 or 1.8, I don’t recall exactly which it was. Frankly, back then I had no clue about CG other than a brief exposure to Ray Dream Designer on an old Mac. I didn’t try to get ‘serious’ in Blender until 2.49. The old interface still befuddles me whenever I try to go back to it. You really had to memorize where to find things. Ironically, I now prefer the gray 2.4 theme colors in my current 2.6 Blender. I just don’t like dark themes.

I haven’t noticed much difference between the current and old Blender, but then again I’ve only just got my head around its interface(its taken that long!). I’ve heard some good praise from those who used to hate Blender before 2.50 so I can only assume the changes have been for the better.