Some new cinematics to watch.

New Game Cinematics from Blizzard Entertainment Studio and Blur Studio. (its my dream to work on cinematics)

I don’t know anything about the games,as i’m not a gamer,I just watch these for cinematography/design.

Love them both,the elder scrolls one seems a little “bloated” though, I feel like it could have been shorter as a cinematic.

As a pretty heavy SC2 player, I’ve been geeking about that cinematic almost continuously since they let it out monday night. Working at Blizz’s cinematic department is one of my dream jobs. The attention to detail they have is insane. Someone took some screenshots of some of the better moments here:

Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing.

my fave shot was near the end with ship falling from the sky,through the clouds.It reminded me of a shot in prometheus.Fantastic depth.

The Heart of the Swarm trailer was quite impressive!

I’ve always loved Blizzard’s cinematics, this one rates up there with the best of 'em. I particularly loved when the Ultralisk stomped the tank, and seeing how siege tanks operate in a cinematic is a real treat as well.

Nice. Working on cinematics would be a bit of a dream job for me too… but with kids to feed, that’s a dream for another decade.

FWIW, Blizzard have been pretty inspirational for me when it comes to their cinematics, though EVE Online has done some cool ones as well recently. Their game might be “spreadsheets in space”, but their videos sure make it seem so much more visceral :slight_smile:

Agreed but, on the other hand, everything about Elder Scrolls is a little bloated and could be shorter. The cinematic was just sticking to the feel of the game! :smiley:

I was over on cgtalk recently and actually a few people share the same opinion about it being bloated.

So we aren’t the only ones.Just seemed like action for actions sake,which doesn’t always work out,I did get a bit bored with that cinematic.