Some new Development renders

(Paul_C) #1

:smiley: Finally! As some of you know, I am working on a project called “Character Development”, a short animated feature that will be entirely created in Blender. The storyline shall become clear in future posts, but for now, I am proud to display some new renders of my main character, Alex, and one of the sets, known for now as the waterfall house. In the house shots, a second character, Jason (aka: ragtag) can be seen. Comments and slander most welcome!!


PS: I have added the urls under each picture in case they don’t display.

(blender_man) #2

Love the style of the characters looks really cool

the hair on the alex guy needs a bit of work it looks hollow and needs to be filled out a bit(side view)

the rooms look a bit bare how about some env maps and texture maps on the floor and some bump maps on the stairs and tables

can’t wait to see an animation

(blengine) #3

hehehe his arms are soooool long :smiley:
u do have great style in the character, and excellent job youve done so far…the rooms are a bit bare :-? [/list]