Some New Realtime Projects

Here are links to a couple of Realtime projects i have been working on,
i used Fruityloops to do the Soundscapes on them.[email protected][email protected]

What do you thik of them ?

Oh, i forgot to mention the controls

Use arrows to move around in one,zoom in and out in the other.

Hold down right mouse button and move mouse to pan around.

Space bar toggles Fly mode in Empire.

Click Blue bar at top to make full screen.

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Please check with the webmaster
if this forum exists and/or
you have the userlevel to
view it.

I get that message when i click on either of those links.


Try left mouse button on it and save target as

It works for me if i just click twice

but i think its probably because its on the Fruityloops user forum and you probably have to be a member ie user to download it

Damn i didn`t hink of that, oh well,
Know any one who can put it up on their site ?

I would host it if I had room but im very tight on space at the moment, looking for a new better free webspace site all the time.

What is this fruityloops anyway?

Keith. 8)

Frutyloops is a Music creation studio, its about to get a great upgrade,
i use it to make small Music loops for my Blender exe files,and also
full songs, there is a review in this months Computer Music Magazine

You can download the demo here

The Demo has about 1500 samples, lots of synths/generators and fx,

i use it all the time, its easy to use.

Demo Download is about 11Mb.

                                           See Ya.