Some new(?) tool:

Just found(from Shalok Shalom) sth very impressive for modelling:

Carve and, adjust the path to explore/download addons.

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Incredibly useful tools! They are working very nice with the latest versions too. It would be good to have all of them in the trunk. Especially the ‘carve’ tool… it is a tool of primary importance in modelling tasks. The ‘rebool’ tool too is great, although something similar exists already as a part of the ‘hard ops’ plugin of Masterxeon. In this case, however, we have it in a very simple form. It is just about re-booling. You re-bool and then you do whatever you want with the result. So easy and intuitive. The ‘create’ tool too is great… you draw a shape and there, you have a three dimensional object. And all those things in a very straightforward, quite simple way!

Does it make good clean low poly mesh?Or is it like boolaens.

I’m guessing I’m missing a step, but whenever I draw a shape (using the carver) and then right click to confirm the tool crashes on me. Doesn’t matter which tool I’m using either.

I get also intermittent errors (wrong boolean result, only errors on console w/out any result) so maybe good to collect it somehow because as the idea its fantastic (similar to lately published MODO’s enhancements ??) so surely deserve development and polishing, I suppose.

That’s a bummer. I was hoping it was just me doing something wrong. Hopefully it becomes more stable in the near future because it looks like a very useful tool.

The tool works as advertised, the errors you see is that it relies on BoolTool2 script to work.

You mean this BoolTool ?

Couldn’t get anything to work. I must be missing something.

That’s the boxcutter addon. By the guy who does hard-ops.

Thanks for the link! very usefull :slight_smile:

Yes, ,, , enabled.
Ctrl-Shift -Q to enable, click drag right click to cofirm.

I found it a little hard to get use to the right click confirm at first, i kept changing the starting point of the carve by left clicking!!!

but this is a great little tool, really enjoying playing around with it! :smiley:

thanks again for sharing the link, i probably would of never noticed this little gem otherwise!

Support the creator of this tool by buying it !

It’s an addon by Pixivore, not masterxeon1001

Sorry, that was wrong. Seems is not the same tool.

Booltool does the trick! Thanks! I wish the line tool would cut the other way, where you select the area you want removed. Doing chamfers on outside edges is a little tedious, but otherwise this is awesome.

This is a free tool by Pixivore
The creator of retopoMT
Nothing to do with Boxcutter
The idea comes from ZBrush

Error delete plz

Is Pixivore member of Blender Artists? Thank you Pixivore! (and pitiwazou)
I have seen that in the new version he is experimenting with exciting new features. See Carver folder and animated gif here:

I just hope Pixivore have some Linux distribution for testing, because strange behaviors occur in Linux.
When you press H help appears and then disappears. “I” key does not work. Also is not possible to use Profile Brush.

@bluecd, maybe you could edit the thread title mentioning the name of the tools.