some nice rings

I know you are all tired of those noised sepia images by now, but I couldn’t resist making another one :smiley:
Modelled (if you can speak about modelling here :-? ) rendered in lightwave. It actually was mainly a pic I made to test lw’s arealights and caustics. Took me very long to get those damn caustics look right.


very nice, I was gonna make some comments on this but… I can’t think of any. Oh! I found something you might want to adress, the rings are HUGE!!! either that or you have microscopic wood :smiley: LOL
Other than that, its great.


Very cool!


Very nice. Better than anything I have done in LW to date. I need to get myself back into it. Have let my learning slip.

What kind of render time was this, just so I have an idea when I try something similar?


The rendering time was about an hour. This is very much, but I had to use the hightest caustics settings to make it look good enough. There is probably a way to do this just as good in less time, but I haven’t bothered looking at that.


wow thats amazing =) very realistic, and i really love the caustics!

ummm i haven’t tried any other renderes other then blender. Can someone please tell me the benifit of this and how hard is it to learn to use them?

Hmm… I thought this was a Blender forum?

Hans Petter

Hmm… I thought this was a Blender forum?

First of all what’s wrong with showing a pic made in another program then blender here?

Second. I told the rings are modelled in blender. Since blender doesn’t support caustics an arealight (which are quite crucial for this pic) I decided to export to LW and render in there.