some NPR (2D cartoon) rendering tests


I have made some NPR-2D cartoonish style rendering with blender :

1 : freestyle rendering
2 : all is 3D. AO +toon shaders
3 (0’40) : camera mapping + 3D object (cars and character)

Hope you like it.

Oh I really like this. Excellent.

That’s very nice.AO That must be ambient occlusion ? I cant seem to get the outline effect with the even shaded . wow very nice


thank you for the comments .

yes, AO = Ambient occlusion.

I cant seem to get the outline effect with the even shaded . wow very nice
in what part of animation ?

The first is made with freestyle (for the outline) and the shader is shadeless.

The yellow Robot is in 2 parts :

  • part1 of the yellow robot : just a toon shader, with a little emit, and a little AO. Some compositing to adjust light/contrast. And the texture are painted drawings.
  • part2 of the yellow robot : is node based outline (edge of Blender internal if I can remember).

The part 3 (the town, with the cars) :
it’s a camera mapping, with textures painted. No AO, and toon shaders too with a little emit. No shadows on some mesh (house)

I hope it can help :wink:

Thanks, Yes it was the first part / freestyle I was trying to reproduce. It surprised me. I did not know you could do that. Freestyle …I’m afraid you may say It is hand drawn each frame.
Anyway it looks better then the cartoons I see on TV

Good work, i like it :slight_smile:

Beautiful renderings.
I find the animation of the robot face slow. Record your own face talking at the speed you desire for the animation and then put that recording as background and you can animate this way with the exact timing you want, watching the background frame by frame. This is “rotoscoping” and you can do it with things you ever didn’t though of, like for example: you have a toon superhero character and you want it to make some difficult jump or something you can’t record yourself doing it… well, record your hand doing it then !!! Always retoscoping all is the way to good animation if you are not a genious in animation you can fool this way people to think you are.

Looks at hand
makes hand jump off the table
Gets video camera.

I don’t understand what you say. I wanted to say that the most important thing in animation is the timing. Timing is absolutely all in animation. To get the correct timing you need to do the animation yourself, record it and use it as background and animate watching it. This way is much faster if you are not a genius in animation.

I recorded my hand to animate a muppet done in 3D for example when I was in 3dsmax.

The animation in this thread has a timing very slow, easily corrected this way. This also works for lip syncing and many things you didn’t at first though of, for example a toon character that crashes agains something, you record your hand doing it instead of recording your own body crashing against something, that is what I wanted to explain.

very nice work !!!

How do you want to do the GI in Blender?