Some objects appear black with lighting in render view

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to figure out what is causing objects to appear black in render view or when rendered.

I have applied identical texture/shader to all objects.

To rule out common issues such as blocking, lights being disabled, clamp, objects size vs light, I added an area lighting to cover all objects at the same distance

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have included the blender file.

Link to blender file

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Clear the custom split normals:


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Wow!!! It’s taken me days to research this… lol…

I didn’t even know about that section… I still have a lot to learn…

Thanks @patnard !!!

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No problem, it’s the things that you don’t know or need to know until you need it.

Good luck!

WTF is that?

Apparently… don’t we all?

From the manual:

Custom Split Normals

Custom Split Normals is a way to tweak/fake shading by pointing them towards other directions than default, auto-computed ones. It is mostly used in game development, where it allows to counterbalance some issues generated by low-poly objects (the most common examples are low-poly trees/bushes/grass/etc., and the ‘rounded’ corners).

Blender supports custom normals on a ‘smooth fan’ base, defined as a set of neighbor face corners sharing the same vertex and ‘linked’ by smooth edges. This means you can have normals per face corners, per a set of neighbor face corners, or per vertex.