Some objects move strangely while posing

I have an object which is an animal. They eyes and teeth are separate mesh objects from the main body. When I move, pretty much, any bone on my rigify rig, these objects seem to move correctly, but begin offsetting the further I move the bone. Some objects like the teeth move further than others but they all sort of spread out. Even though, say the bottom teeth are one mesh object, the various teeth move in different percentages… some spread out further, other teeth stay closer. I thought it was weight painting, but it does seem to be? Maybe it’s parenting? I don’t know. There is some flaw in my workflow, but I’ve redone this over and over and it always comes out the same.

Anyone have a tip for me?


I would say parenting too.
If you have any constraints check their visibility, same for modifiers.

Which method do you use for parenting ?
Also do you have face bones ?
In this case you probably parent eye objects to eye bones. If you don’t need much deformation there.

Check if you have multiple armature modifiers, they can addup when you try different ways of parenting.
Even if you use Alt + P in between i think.
And you probably already checked if there is no weight map on the eyes mesh.

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t have any constrains on the mesh objects. After the rig is generated there are constraints added to the rig Pose bones. they have Copy Transforms and Stretch to.

The only parenting I used was the parent with auto weight paints.

The model was an FBX imported model… that may be part of it? maybe some import setting?

No face bones… I just used Rigify Basic Quadruped Rig.

I had multiple modifiers, when I first ran into this problem, but started over and now only one armature and one armature modifier per mesh object.

No weight map on the eyes… at least they are all blue pretty much like everything else. The body has slight coloration to one side, but the bones move the body and legs evenly.

While I was trying to answer your questions I did notice a few things.
When selecting the head bone and rotating it… all of the mesh objects move correctly accept one… the lower teeth still come outside the model and each tooth seems to move slightly differently. meaning the teeth don’t stay together… they sort of spread out or some such deformation, when rotating, but the eyes and other teeth are fine.
When I G to translate and move the bone away from the body… All the teeth and eyes move outside the body mesh… so?
I am beginning to thing there is some problem with the metarig from rigidify… I add the rig then have to scale it up and move bones here and there… I must not have applied all the transformations? I thought I did, but perhaps not?

I’m still confused… I’m sure I’m doing something wrong… some step that I did do correctly etc…, I’ll try to rebuild it again more carefully and see…
Maybe I’ll use the OBJ version of the model as an alternate test.

oh, also, when I select the head bones (2 of them) on the rig, they don’t highlight anything in the highlighter as all the other bones do. maybe something…

Sorry, I’m new to this so i’m still learning.


Would not use auto weight parenting for eyes, but Parent to Bone or Parent to 3 vertexes.

Does teeth are 2 objects, lower and upper ?
If you delete all parenting on eyes and/or teeth and parent them to the animal mesh, do they seems to translate without any other influence ?

Hard to figure this, redoing part slowly helps, good luck :wink:

Well, I’m not exactly sure how to parent the rig without using auto… I know the basic idea, but nothing I try works. I’ve already made the rig so do I need to delete the rig to parent to the bones? I mean… can I parent to the rig controls or to the meta rig bones.
I deleted all parenting as far as I know and yes there are teeth upper and upper base and lower and lower base… I tried parenting them to the animal body mesh, but again… nothing.

Maybe I need to upload the file?

In the end, I think I had to go back further than the meta rig or parenting… but all the way back to the imported (store bought) FBX model. Once imported, I noticed something which I hadn’t before… the origins for the teeth where all wacky in strange places. So I ended up going to each object and seting the origin to the 3D cursor which is where the body origin is. And those origins were probably not reset in all the early attempts that I made. it also explains why each different object of the mouth kind of had their own different way of spreading out… based on the bad origin points of all the teeth objects… Possibly a setting I could have checked upon import… I’ll check, but at least I was able to track down the problem…

Either way, it got me to learn and become more proficient in Blender which I would like to be.

Thanks for your assistance, I do appreciate it.

cool :slight_smile:

Ha yeah origin points, crucial (We should have thought of that).