some objects not rendered

I’m following the gingerbread-man tutorial.

Both body and floor render correctly, but nothing I have added since is rendered … except for their shadows.

To be sure, I’ve put everything on the same layer, tested the textures, tried different primitives.

I can’t find any important difference between objects that are rendered and those that are not.

Oh, and of course I’ve checked the vaguely plausible BlenderBase categories, Documentation sections, 4 pages of forum search results, and 8 pages of most recent topics.
I’ve put a few days into not posting this question.


what about the traceable option? It should be checked “on” by default…


I expect it to be something about that obvious, but no; traceable is on.

A duplicate of the body isn’t rendered either, so it seems as though some hidden setting was changed - possibly though a wrong keystroke - that affects all subsequent objects.

The fact that they cast shadows tells me that they are still considered part of the scene, just not visible parts.
I’ve tested the materials; it’s something peculiar to the objects.

Are there any settings likely to have that effect?

If you’re using raytrace the normals need to be facing out. The clip start and end of the camera lens may not include the dups. Without a .blend as reference I’m just shooting in the dark. Mail me one so I can look at it.


… and is Shadows turned on for the material to be recieving shadows?
… and is Shadows turned on for the lamp to be casting shadows?
… and is Shadows turned on in renderbuttons? (and Ray too if you’re using RayShadows?)

On the plane “floor” turn off ZInvert (which inverts the Z-buffer in rendering so the eyes are ‘rendered’ behind the plane).


Thank you Fligh %.

Wow … how clever of me :expressionless:
I didn’t even think of the floor doing anything.
I don’t know how the body escaped the same fate, but at least I know what to look for.