Some Objects Wont Render

When I render my snail, the shell disappears. This is my very first model, so I basically have no Idea what I’m doing. All I know is that the camera icon is on, so it should be rendering. I tried searching for solutions online, but found nothing that I understood or that worked for me. Hopefully someone with a little expertise can give me some advice. Thank you for your help!

Snail model:
snail.blend (1.46 MB)

It’s fixed! Thanks @Richard_Marklew
snail.blend (1.48 MB)

For some reason you have changed the Duplication option from None to Faces for the Shell object and you have set the Body object to be non renderable (camera icon)

Thanks, I have no idea how duplication got there, or even what it does. Like I said I barely know what I’m doing. This solved my issue.