Some of my first best works (and some thoughts)

I believe Cross Mind Studio’s tutorials are the best for beginners for blender 2.8 (I’ve put some extra motivation in the Playlist). In the first hour tutorial of seven days, he explains in a manner that even you have a hard time to understand. For me it helped to fill some holes of knowledge of the Blender functionality and those works have been the first results that I can say I’m proud of. In a hoping long love story in this 3D world.

An overall view in the Venice HDR default scenary of the last part of the guide.

Some details of the model.

The showcase video (it’s not the very last because of heavy clouds, but it’s ok).

Other two projects of previous sections about shading and modeling.

With this course I feel like I’ve learnt more than something. In the moment before sleeping my mind was thinking unconsciously for a better way to model an object. This 7-day course gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in just a week on this quarantine.
Although it lasted a month because of Christmas holidays and a lot of procrastination, I’ve ended it: this is the most important thing.
And another truth I want to share after this experience is that motivation doesn’t exist. You just have to do it (even 20 minutes a day). You need to render even the smallest thing, but is important: because it let to you to see a real visual progress of what you’ve made.

Cheers from Italy


Good renders!
And i can add, i think you might be right about the motivation but i can tell you there is definitely habit and addiction, apply that to art or music or a life skill and you’ll go a long way.

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Thanks! I cannot agree more.
I’ve wrote that because procrastination is aside the corner when the road becomes bumpy at the start :v:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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Hi Roy, nice work! I went through thsese tutorials too (except of the plane tutorial) and I have to agree, that they are high quality and easy to follow for the beginners. I wish you all the best on your 3D journey :wink:

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Thanks, now’s going fine. You too! :smiley:

Hey your renders are great but the day 4 render, you did not follow everything did you, :laughing: anyways I agree with you on crossmind and I just finished day four.

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I tried ahaha Great! I’m now not following his tutorials, but I think that in order to understand the topology little by little, following other two of his series is better since he’s rocks