Some of My Past Favorite Finished Projects

It has been a while since I posted anything in Finished Projects, and I thought I’d catch up and share with you some of my favorite Blender projects over the past couple of years.

These projects were created and finalized in Blender using procedural textures and the internal renderer with render nodes.

Many, if not most of these, are Blender Artist Weekend Challenge projects.

I really enjoy the constraints of the challenge as well as the more general challenge of exploring Blender’s creative potential in various ways.

The truth is, I have yet to exhaust that potential, and, there is much I have yet to learn and explore. For me, it’s an endless adventure and education!

Thank you for viewing my works, and many thanks to this community and all the developers who have helped to make Blender what it is today.


(Please click/tap images once or twice to view them at full resolution.)

Cygnus Ascension

Escaping Extinction

Communication Theory




Facing the Dragon, Yourself

Paleolithic Passage

Scuff, the Staticky Dragon

The Doubter, the Dreamer, and the Doer

Punked and Steamed

The Danger of an Unread Book

Gingerassic World

Weightlessly Waiting for Light

Intervals (Between Silence and the Notes)

Fearless through the Shadow Valley

Her Debussian Ring Tone

Humanizing the Machine

Letting Machines Do All the Thinking

Blues Guitarist

Flame-Resitant Moth

The Wonders of Learning

The Good Troll



Beyond the World You Know

Uncertainty Principle

Faith Moves Mountains

Transcendental Etude

The Radiance of Stars Is Wthin You

Beyond Yourself

Time Past

Let Freedom Ring


To Understand More about the Universe


You can explore more of my recent and past works at my website.

Thanks again for checking out my stuff!

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Incredible stuff, Robert T. Punk and steamed, and scuff a couple of my favorites. Truly inspiring, and I really mean that. I saw the Good Troll, and sculpted a Bad Troll that same weekend. Keep on keepin’ on!

Photox: Thank you so very much for your response. As long as I’ve been using Blender, I know I can go further, and I have been trying to do that in recent years, building on experiences while trying new things. Your artistic efforts and successes are also admirable and impressive.

I have always been thankful for the encouragement and support this community has provided over the years, and, just to be able to post these images at this point here means a lot.

I wish you and all my fellow Blender artists all the best and look forward to seeing more amazing works.


It has been a long while, Robert. Great to see you here again. :slight_smile:

reynante: Thank you very much, and, yes it has been quite a while :slight_smile:

Perhaps too long, given the lack of responses here, LOL.

Well, I will not be updating this thread. I created it partly in response to all those who encouraged me to post in Finished Projects over the years.

It does seem more Blender users are interested in photorealism/Cycle renders these days, thanks in great part to the amazing work of the Blender developers on the Cycles rendering system.

My hardware limitations have always made Blender’s internal renderer a far more attractive and expeditious option, and, over the years, I’ve had to come up with various solutions for ambitious projects.

Thankfully, I’m able to apply more of that experience in my Weekend Challenge works these days. Things which would have taken me weeks or months, years ago, I can now do in days, but, as I look over my creations, I am always left with the understanding there is still so much left to learn and so much further to go in terms of creativity.

I do look forward to learning Cycles at some point, but, Blender’s internal renderer with its render nodes still offers so much.

I hope, at the very least, the works I posted in this thread offer some examples of the native power of Blender’s classic render capabilities.

Thanks again to anyone who expressed enthusiasm in my creative works and technical achievements in Blender.

I will continue working at it all :slight_smile:


Hi Robert! Your artwork is in a different league all together. So much good work here.
It has always been a wonderful source of inspiration and your use of internal render engine is amazing.

I would love to see the makingof of some of these. Specially the Her Debussian Ring Tone.
How did you achieve the 2d artstyle there? What was your material and light setup?

Hi Robert, I followed your link from the weekend challenge and found your art here, very good. If I had a choose I would say Punked and Steamed and The Good Troll are my two favorites. Very good detail there, wow.

You’ve got some absolutely breathtaking art here. I always look forward to your entry in the weekend challenge because you approach things from such a different perspective and what you end up with is always top notch. I particularly like “The Radiance of Stars Is Within You”, the use of colour and light along with your combination of the abstract and the real makes for a stunning image(s). I’m always inspired by your work and your deft manipulation of BI (and now Cycles) and look forward to your future creations.

Mr.KEWL: Thank you very much for the kind words. Blender internal materials like that were usually shadeless with some transparency and/or Blinn with very little specular (in the material). I sometimes also used to split up internal sun lamps into diffuse only and specular, with very low power on the specular. Having now learned Cycles, I find the standard Diffuse BSDF works well with an Emission node blended in with a Light Path set to Camera. I’m soon going to be releasing a number of studies, shaders, and texturing tools I’ve been developing with while learning and experimenting with Cycles.

robproctor83: Thanks for checking out my stuff! I am thankful for your comments, and I look forward to pushing ahead with my Blender skills even more now with Cycles.

Imaginer: Thank you very much for your kindness, Imaginer. I’m so glad you liked Radiance! It’s something I had hoped could be inspirational in some way, and hearing your words is indeed that wish coming true. Much as I’ve worked with Blender over the years, I am trying to challenge myself even more now, so I really appreciate the positivity and motivation. Take care.


Nice to see Finished Work threads from you again RobertT (relative to other works posted here, your work still has the same superior quality that made you one of the better known artists 10 years ago).

Just wondering, do you do any works that are not just for the Weekend Challenge these days (even though it seems like you always find a way to present any subject in a spectacular way)?

Great stuff Robert.

I have long admired your works in the Weekend Challenge (even tried to do something along your style for this weeks entry, albeit not nearly to your level), and always impressed it is done with Blender Internal.

I’m glad I checked back here =)

Sorry for the late replies:

Ace Dragon: Thank you very much, Ace! I’m glad you think well of my works. I do work on a number of non-Weekend Challenge projects. In fact, after working intensely with Cycles, and learning that render system, over the past few months, I’m readying some things to release to the community, mainly textural tools and sharing things such as some shader experiments.

Ryeath: I really appreciate your kind words, Ryeath. It’s been a real challenge these past few months after working with Cycles, but I feel like I’ve made some progress while learning a bunch of new things =) Always something new to learn! I always look forward to seeing how everyone approaches the Weekend Challenge, and your entries never disappoint. Thanks for posting here!


Robert I love your art style. Truly unique and very pleasing to look at!

Fantastic works. …totally awesome.

Hey Robert, you might want to consider posting your Cycles work here as well (because it’s impressive to me just how fast you managed to grasp the use of nodes and create the best quality seen from you yet).