Some of My Photos

Typically I’m not much of a photographer. But I managed to snap this one off, and I love it too much, so I want to show it off. There is some post pro in photoshop.

The first and the last are my favorites.

I like the middle one! Warm and happy. Nice shots, and postpro.

Thanks man…I forgot to mention this was also something of an experiment in my own skills. Just a simple little thing to see if I could get a fair amount of different emotional responses from the same image just in post pro (all three images above are made from the same base photo). So yah, just trying to see what I could accomplish.

I like them, but the first one is my favorite. the things that i’m getting from the different effects are cold, harsh and ominous for first, warm and happy for the second, and kind of alien for the third (sort of looks like something from the Avatar movie). very nice overall. what camera was this taken with?

nice, keep it up!

Thanks guys.

Yah for the third one I was mainly playing around, and went “Hey that’s kind of Alien and funky!” I see sort of as either an Alien thing or a fantasy alternate reality sort of thing. Either way I think it looks pretty cool.

As for the camera:Nikon CoolPix L20, essentially the cheapest camera I could find at Best buy. It’s really just something I carry around for whenever moments. And on this one i got really lucky (If I remember correctly this is just one I snapped while literally walking by).

Another in my new Vancouver line:

As you can see the smog in Vancouver has gotten really bad over the last few years.

[EDIT:] Just havin some fun…

I think these could make really awesome motivational posters, don’t you?

[EDIT2]: I would like to preface this next one by saying “I am a bad man. I know I am bad man. Please do not feel the need to inform me off it.” and please take this as what it is …a joke.

That’s some sound advice right there :slight_smile:

I thought so…

New one for y’all.

Some more of my favorites…
(No not a cartoon filter. Duplicate the image, Gaussian blur, and set to Darken.)

No new motivational posters though.