some of my work - need some opinions!

(shibbydude) #1

These are some of the first scenes I did in Blender. I came back a month ago and finished them to look like this. I am only 16 years old and have had small experience with CGI but I love it.

(Turrin) #2

Not Bad!

You have done a good job modeling, but you need a little more practice with materials. Experiement until you get it just the way you want it.

Also, work on lighting. I believe lighting is the most important skill a computer artist can learn. Good texturing skills help, but without the right light setup, it will look bad.

Keep Blending, you show promise!


(S68) #3

Really nice renders,

models are nice and texturing good too, but the latter can be improved. Shadows in the room in particular need to be worked on, the lamp casts a shadow but its table has almost no shadow…

Keep it up


(valarking) #4

you are doing quite well, materials and lighting need quite a bit of tweaking.

(Alvaro) #5

you need…PRACTICE !!! (anymore)

(overextrude) #6

Great chess board. Nice modeling and texturing…the only thing I’d suggest changing is to decrease the indensity of the white pieces. They’re a little too bright.

The room scene has some real potential…great colors and texturing. At first I thought the window was an oriental shade because of the subtle color wash and the thin slats, but then I saw the balcony. Maybe you could add a background image of some kind. The color looks nice, but it also looks like something is missing. A real picture (something contemporary, maybe) over the couch might add a nice accent to the room. Also, while there’s nothing technically wrong with the wall texture, it might be interesting to cut back on the spec a little and/or reduce the scale of the texture. Maybe add a few material folds to the couch and chair at the seams and corners. Lastly, check the shadows to make sure they are consistent with how they would actually appear given the same set of conditions in real life.

Good work, though.

(Free Mars) #7

Good pictures. Two things bug me. The white on the white chess pieces seems way to bright. The shadows are inconsistent in the second picture.