Some old files won't work with upge


I just wanted to inquire there will be some problems using old files with the upbge? I tried one of my own, and the program just closed, I tried 2.76 upge. I use 2.76, and 2.77 blender versions.

I had tried last year, but the same result.

Hi @modelinblender

BGE files work in UPBGE.

But UPBGE files don’t work in BGE.

Think of it as :arrow_down:

BGE 1.0

:arrow_up: Not compatible

Sure, I get that. But the file I have from the LIS stuff, I tried to play it in the upge only for it to close. I tried this last year with the LIS demo, everything just loaded out of place, like an AI character was laying down floating, instead of sitting on a stool.

Only one file has worked in upbge I have. That is the spider battle mini game. So at least one file works okay, everything else closes.


Some of the BGE code was changed in UPBGE.

You might want to check that out.

hate to say it, but porting a project to upbge is lots of work and research. you need to look through the all the release notes, read through all the api and compare with what is being used in the project.

sometimes a bug is at fault and then you need to generate test files to compare behavior on a one to one basis.

in the end, its less work to just remake from scratch and learn upbge behavior as you go.

upbge isnt really that much different, just by opening the file isnt going to make it suddenly look better.

upbge 0.2.3 has some weird bugs, ive found 0.2.1 and 0.2.0 to have the best compatibility with vanilla. upbge eevee is based on 2.8 and should only be used with 2.8 files, or the blends carefully appended and converted.

It doesn’t matter, I will just try what works with this new blender program. Thanks.