Some particle basics


I thought I knew how to do this, but…

In short i’m after two tests, both use a sphere as a base object, to each i’ve added a hair particle system, then i’ve added an an arrow object.

  1. One sphere I want them all to point out along their faces’ normal.

  2. The other I want them to all point vertically up in the global Z.

I expected to be activating ‘advanced’ and then using ‘initial rotation’, but i’m not getting the expected results.


*** For 2, i’m assuming that just setting ‘object X’ or ‘object Y’, is the solution.

OK I think i’ve figured it, the particle system uses different axis to general Blender, up (Z) isn’t up, it’s actually going into the screen for the particle system… Everything works as expected after rotating my arrow -90 about the X axis.

I’m not confused about using multiple axis systems… Honest!

So for 1, just set to ‘normal’ and for 2, set to ‘global Z’…