some particles not rendering

I hope someone can help with my problem. It sounds almost like a bug but maybe it’s something I am doing or not doing.

I have a scene were I have an emitter plane that generates 7 types of particles that are all objects that fall down. (I am creating a ‘waterfall’ of pills/drugs) in the 3d preview when running the animation with alt-a, I can see all 7 pill types. however when rendering or using the render preview window one of the types, usually the 7th, is not there or invisible. The strange thing is that if I interact with the source object of the missing pill type (for example moving it to the layer that it is already on,i.e. not doing anything in theory) it will appear in the renders and another one of the pill types will be missing usually the 6th. It is almost like there is a limit of 6 types of particles/objects/pills that I can render.

It is a bit hard to explain but does this sound familliar to anyone?

I am running ver 2.48.


When you say 7 types of particles, do you mean 7 different emitters on your plane, or 7 objects in a group instanced by one emitter?

Are the objects outside your camera clipping range?

There are 7 emitters on my plane. I have also noticed that if I turn off collisions for each of these objects the problem goes away, but of course I get a new problem of some of the particles falling into each other.

Good point but all the particles are about the same distance from the camera and turning off collisions results in the particles being rendered so I don’t believe this is the problem.

Can you upload a .blend file?

The number of emitters could be the problem.
Have you tried with one emitter and Group visualisation? Model your seven types of drugs, and put them in a group. In the visualisation panel of the emitter, choose Group, write the name and enable Pick Random for variation.

That’s it!!! it worked. looks like it couldn’t handle 7 different emitters but the grouping solves it. It is great to get it resolved, it has been frustrating me all week. Thanks Bupla and everyone else.