Some people just have impossible standards

As in, you can show them such attractions as the Louvre and they’ll still shake their head in disappointment

I question what might be going on in the minds of Yelp reviewers who walk away disappointed from such places as Yellowstone, the Colosseum, and the Eiffel Tower. To each their own I guess, not my fault nothing interests you.

We are wired to like and not like things,

no one said we were all wired correctly :wink:

that said, I have seen amazing starving artists,

and people who make absolute crap make money,

I doubt they have impossible standards, Ace. It’s probably more like they have no standards at all. These are the folks who never try new food, because it tastes ‘funny’ (how would they know?) and feel uncomfortable traveling beyond five or ten miles from the place they were born.

Rather heavy generalizations based on someone not liking something.

PS. You do realize that not all of those are the same person?

Yes, Morio, I do. And in my travels I’ve met many of them, bitching about their aching feet and wondering what is so great about this or that wonder of the world and why can’t they get a decent hamburger. I suspect it’s the American concept of exceptionalism, which we borrowed from the British, that leads so many of my countrymen into this particular trap.

Yeah I think people do have different tastes and just because it is liked by many doesn’t mean it should be liked by all. At the same time I believe there are those who feel it is trendy to be critical or feel as though criticizing makes them feel smarter. So maybe they do like it, but act like they don’t because they think it makes them look more sophisticated.

And you like absolutely everything you see and do?

One Yelp comment they quoted said that “paintings and sculptures hold little to no interest in me.” I feel somewhat the same way. I like making 3D art, but looking at it is kind of boring, to me.

Some people just like to bitch, Others think that giving credit to another somehow diminishes themselves.

I agree with you Joe, but I also agree with Henry. There are those that genuinely don’t care to perouse art selections and there’s nothing wrong with that. I haven’t actually read the link, but I imagine there are some who honestly don’t care for it and some who find it hard to praise the work of others for whatever reason.

Yelp, which I’ve never been to and have only read about, seems like an interesting thing. On the one hand it seems like a useful resource for consumers to use in order to weed out legitimately poor busineses, while on the other hand it would seem there are those consumers that use it as a weapon to blackmail good businesses into catering to their demands such as threatening a resaurant with a bad review if they don’t get some freebies.

That other hand really deminishes the usefulness of Yelp because you don’t know if the reviews you’re reading are honest or not. I suppose you can look and see what the majority reviews look like, but then there are businesses that sell good reviews to other businesses so again this puts us back to square one, you have no idea if a good or bad review is honest or not so in reading Yelp you come out ‘knowing’ pretty much the same as if you had not read Yelp at all.

If you think Yelp is unhelpful in cases, check out the Google Play reviews for games. Some will actually say the game is crap and then give it 5 stars (in fact, if your app. does so much as run without crashing then the majority of your ratings will be 5 stars regardless of content).

Some sites try to have a system which attempt to separate out the good quality reviews so they are the easiest to find (though even that doesn’t give you full confidence of whether that aforementioned place or product is good or not).

Of course not, Mario, don’t be absurd. I was at a housing development a few months ago that I found surreal and creepy. I’ve eaten boiled jelly fish. And I am not a big fan of obstacle courses.

But we are not talking about everything, we are talking about the Louvre, the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra, the Coliseum, the Cistine Chapel.

I believe it Ace, never used Google Play myself, I’ve never registered a Google account on my Android devices so I’ve never used any of those services. The reviews on Amazon are probably not much better, do you trust the guy telling you that this product is the greatest thing since sliced bread or the guy that said that very same product broke a week and a half after pulling it out of the box?

I dont read reviews on the store,

I look it up on youtube or google, and dig around a little before I buy.

So you get to decide what everyone should like?

Places like the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and other famous places, are places most people have heard about, and when you go there you will have a certain picture in your mind. It is quite likely that the places won’t live up to your expectations, and therefore you will feel somehow disappointed once you get there. There is even a thing called the Paris Syndrome, which basically is severe disappointment.

For example, when you go to the Sistine Chapel it’s completely packed with people and you more or less get herded around like cattle (and the same goes for the rest of the Vatican). If you didn’t get your tickets in advance and had to queue outside for several hours, I would say it’s not worth it.

Is this your standard debate technique? Set up a strawman ad-hominem to knock down? Go for it.

Not MY problem, Morio. If it is yours, then I’m sorry for you.

I’m just wondering why you find it so difficult to accept that someone doesn’t like something you seem to think everyone should like

You seem to be quite set on making it your problem though.

It’s almost as stupid as a certain person complaining about a hand not being able to change race in a certain game. almost.

The funny thing with tourist attractions is for people who appreciate art and architecture also seeing different cultures of different eras.

If some people want to visit other places to get drunk and suffer from headaches and memory loss, I have no problem with it and I hope it works for them.

I find myself asking this, did those people have any idea what to expect when they booked the trip? Did they go with the intent of disliking it? Or was there some legit letdown involved?