Some photographs from today

Today I popped along for a nice walk along a nice bit of coastal path.





All taken using my Fuji S5600


Nice images. :smiley:
On the first one I thought to see a face. But maybe I am simply going insane. :wink:

naw tritchter, i see the same thing:

Oh, I saw a face in the middle stone (the one you’ve called the nose) It was a kind of subconscious thing - as soon as I looked at it properly, it disappeared!

those are some awesome photos bye the way, you could turn them into some pretty killer textures

and also, i hope you dont mind, but i made some textures out of those pics

i like the red rock one better :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies. Yes, now you mention it, you can see a face in the first image!

Nice textures that you have made Alfred.

I’ve got some more similar shots still to be uploaded.


nice photos! i’m transported momentarily :slight_smile:
what is that structure in the last photo? it’s definitely the inspiration for a fun model if i ever saw one.

Glad you like the photos, treaktor.

The structure is “Seafield Tower”, a ruined castle.