Some Pictures we made...

(olaf) #1

Hello everyone,

I’ am new to this forum and will show you some pic’s that I and a friend of
me made with Blender and GIMP. I hope you like them, any comments and suggestions are welcome…
And here they are:

1.) Sunrise:

2.) Morninglight (not complete yet):

and the last one made by Alexander Kittel:

sorry for my bad english :-?

bye, Olaf.

(belac) #2

i like the sunrise. great use of textures! and good ones at that!


" i dream in mesh "

(ScottishPig) #3

The sunrise pic just flat-out rocks.

The barque, the sail texture doesnt look right. I dont know why, just odd. And, for being a square-rigged ship, there isnt very much rigging. And why can I see through all of the sails… and no reflections? (I’m a stickler for ships)

Not to be harsh, wonderful pics… both of them. Keep it up.

(olaf) #4

Hi Scottishpig and belac,

thank you for your comments and critique. The pictures we made are just our
first big projects and not very perfect i think, but we keep on working on
it… Hey ScottishPig i take a look at your website and the ships you made
are very nice. I think the modelling of the sails and the ship is very good,
but you’re right with the textures we will update them.

Nice day to all blending people in this forum which is great !!!

(S68) #5

Veery cool

Sunrise is really beautiful,

Morning has a nice mood, but lacks something, maybe ground is to uniform and lacks moss/grass

Ship is really nice, hull is good, square sails are really well textured, although they lack the ‘cushion’ shape (they should not have straight borders) that true sails have, but they do seem filled with wind.

Foresails are nice in shape but they are completely off, theit top corner should be linked to foremast.

You may want to avoid transparency in the sails.



(DaniHell) #6

I must say that i’m marveled with the pictures, and you say they´re your first project. Well, i’m very new to blender, so there is a new motivation for me!! :wink: I like very much the sunrise one!!

(jorx) #7

I think the Sunrise pic could use a little more atmosphere detail. I mean, have it fade off, as it moves away from the sun. When the sun rises in real life, it doesn’t uniformly light ALL the atmosphere.
And a ring too? Looks cool.
The tree is Awesome, the rocks are pretty good, but the ground could improve. Maybe add some procedural bump maps, for detail.
I like the ship. Could use-

  1. Possibly clouds, (Though won’t look bad without)
  2. Better lighting (Seems to uniformly lit. Try adding a shadow lamp)
  3. An envmap on the water, to make it shiny…

Other then that, modeling is pretty good. I agree with the rest of the blender people, the sails could be better.

Nice work for a few first big projects!

(digitalSlav) #8

next time you post use some compression - your killin us low banders :x