Some pointers required

I’m going to start a really fool hardy venture. I’m gonna model a skull. Now I need to know what’s the best way to go about modelling it. How do I get those curves and all. How do I get the cheek parts and all? So I need pointers.

How about checking out the topic on top of this forum? There you’ll find a lot of pointers how to get those curves - with subdivision modelling. There are plenty tutorials out there which cover similar topics like human modelling or, generally speaking, organic modelling. So, it might be a good idea to look at a few of these, then try to start with some of the techniques you’ve learned and then show your WIP to the guys over in the WIP forums. They will surely give you the help you need to successfully finish you project.

Of course you need good references as well, these are utterly important.

I found a vid tut by Mr_bomb. It looks good and peo-ple have been commenting about it.

that’s a good one to use!

The wikipedia (not the blender wiki, the general purpose wiki) has some good skull references. Look for “human skull.” You’ll need a side view and a front view.

I’ll try wikipedia. I found some images but they are different skulls. so They don’t work.