Some pretty awesome lookin water...

Here’s some water I made. I’m not going for super realistic water, just some “fantasy world” water, where everything is perfect and clear and beautiful. Since this section is “Focused Critique”, I would really like some first impressions and ideas of how to make this better.
Micah King

Edit: By the way, I forgot to tell you… If you press “p” it actually is an animation :wink:

Edit again: Screenshot…

 <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/0/b02f1bed7ce1ea37a1af38089a41e3f8621c7c8e.jpg" width="690" height="479"><br/>

Looks quite good. If you actually render it, it looks like stain glass.

Yeah, I know, lol. Any other input, guys? I changed it up a bit and made this…

P.S. - This is actually for my animation contest… :slight_smile:

where u get dasani texture?

Here - :slight_smile:

I still have to make the actual “Bottle” part a little bit more transparent though; I am working on that now. :slight_smile:

How did you build the animated watermap png ?
Was the sand texture built in blender or is it a photo ?


    • The sand texture was from Genetica Viewer 2.5, which offers a lot of free textures(it’s free!).
      The download for it can be found here(This is actually a download link for 3.0 which I have yet to download)… -

      Hope this all helps!,

Done with the update! :slight_smile:
Here it is…

Edit: Ice cubes in ten minutes !!! :slight_smile: :wink:

Ice Cubes!!! Yeah!!

Edit: I’m not nearly a professional, but anything that anyone needs help with, please allow me to help :wink:

Or if you like more ice cubes, here it is!!! :wink: (I’m having a lot of fun with this project :p:yes:)

pretty nice!
my gfx card couldn’t handle it, though, (wimpy thing) so i made a rendered version w/ some modifications :yes:

it has some issues still, but if you want to know what i did, the .blend is here

While texturing is all well and good, that water has no reflections, I make something that looks almost the same, in half the time with a procedural normal texture, reflections, refractions and an HDR probe.

Thanks, guys. - @Krayon - Thanks for the crit, I know it has no reflections yet, I didn’t do them yet :). I’ve been looking for a fail proof way to do the reflections and I haven’t found any yet. Could someone let me know if they do find one?
@Spacetug - Nice work! I like the way you did the smoke, I might try using that technique :wink:

Floating objects create ripples in the water – without them even “fantasy” water looks unnatural because there’s no interaction with the objects.

Ice cubes melt more quickly at the edges and corners, giving them a more rounded-off look, and are less uniform in shape due to uneven melting rate.

Make sure you use an accurate IOR for water & ice so refraction effects are accounted for.

micah–thanks, but i can’t really take credit
i got the idea from this page
…which makes it pretty old.

Here, with some effects using Gimp, is the final render for now. :wink:

@chipmasque - Thanks, I will try and fix some of those things :wink:
@Spacetug - Wow! THat’s a useful little tut! Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you make a wave modifier do you know if it’s possible to make it an IPO or something? Then I could set it up with logic bricks to animate when I press “p”?