Some Previously unseen Crapola.....

(0ptikz) #1

Hey all,

Right now Im right in the middle of updating my site, and in the process I found some old pictures that I either haven’t showed anyone before or I just never got round to squeezing the sucka’s into my gallery… :wink:

The top one is my favourite, but I really want to hear your opinions…Do you think they are any goood?

(cohort) #2

Was the one on the bottom an F1 entry? Looks cool, IMHO.

(Piraniac) #3

wow, alien jellyfish is beautiful :o
is that post-processed at all, or just Blender’s halos or something?

very nice :smiley:


(Detritus) #4

They´r looking good everyone of them, but the alien in the middle needs a bumpmap so that he´s skin will look a little more realistic.
Very cool jellyfish!

(BgDM) #5

Crap eh? Well if this is what you consider crap, then I would hate to see your good stuff. :wink:

Excellent work, as always. That jellyfish is very nice. I am also wondering if that is just Blender halo’s, or is it post processed?


(paradox) #6

I like number 1 best number 3 second and number 2 third but I also like the carpet in number two alot. You do good work (understatement)

(stephen2002) #7

I like the jellyfish. Professional level.

The character-thing could use some work.

The vehicle is nice, but why do the exause halo things come onto the frame at an angle? They should be more dense as well.

(Riskbreaker) #8

Please tell me that alien jellyfish used the afterglow plugin
Please tell me how to work that damn thing

I like the jellyfish. Very cool. :o
The carpet in the second one looks sweet :slight_smile:
The F1 is just crazy 8)

(0ptikz) #9

Hehe, No afterglow plugin was used, mainly because I can’t get the damn thing to work either :smiley:

It was simply a case of very carefully placing Halo objects.

(0ptikz) #10


Yeah, the car was an F1 entry, but unfortunatley I didn’t have time to complete it :smiley:


Yeah, your right about the particles :wink: At the time I made it I was doing a GI test (Hence the image name) and was a little bit shoddy with the particles :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, Thanks a lot for all the comments 8)