Some problem in Matarial Export/Import [ Solved ]

Some problem in Matarial Export
I have downloaded the file form
Created a Sphere
attached this matarial
exported to 3DS as test.3ds
closed Blender
Open a New Blender
import that 3DS file test.3ds
Matarials is gone?
Can any one please help.

Why .3DS? Try a different, better functionality file type like .OBJ or .FBX…

I just tried the same excersize with obj, but the result is same.

Left side sphere is with the matarial
Then I exported this sphere to test.obj
Again imported from test.obj and got the right side sphere
You can see the Left side sphere has the matarial, but right side does not have any matarial, but only base color.


First of all, luv your stuff kkrawl - it puts my modeling to shame…

Anyhoo -

You wanna know what the problem is?:eyebrowlift:

It’s 'cos it’s a procedural texture - None of the texture channels are defined by bitmapped images - they’re all mathematical.

Q: How to use it anyway??
A: Bake your textures.

Just quickly,

*) UV Map object
*) Assign the material
*) Goto material settings F5, make sure material is “Shadeless”
*) Create new Image in UV Image editor window with desired texture resolution
*) Switch to Bake panel in rendering buttons set (F10) - It’s next to Animation
*) Set “Texture”, “Clear” “Margin: 0”
*) Press BAKE button
*) Save image in UV Editor - this is your new texture-map.

*) Create new material
*) Add this image to a col channel
*) Set Map Input to “UV”
*) Assign back to same object that was used to create texture-map (need same UVs)

I’m not at my usual comp, but there’s some tutes by a guy known as Genome. He covers this exact topic in the video that’s about Exporting To Sunflow Renderer (and baking textures)

I’ll see if I can’t find it and add a link to this post.


P.s - nice flash work you posted the other week. :yes:

Exporting Complex Materials From Blender Using Bake (and Exporting to Sunflow) (18 MB 06:50) - I - 2.43 CVS

Genome Blender Tutorials

Thanks enhzflep
for appreciating my work. I have some other software like Poser , Daz Studio, etc. but I just love blender. Day by day its coming up with new features. Just now I am sitting in a syber caffe and after 2 hours I will reach home and try this out.

Thanks enhzflep
Done it