some problems in yafaray

Okay so im rendering something and i noticed 2 problems…im rendering in yafaray so ill will put this on the yafaray forum as well…

okay the problems are…

  1. that line…i have it set up as a studio like environment…but that line just came out of no where…i really confusing

  2. the sides of the cups look strange…they just dont look right

here is a screen



i think my question fits into this thread so i didn’t open a new one…but please also give attention to the question from the user above me.

I installed Yafaray and also started to read the documentation.

Now I downloaded this yafaray-sample file “Red Room” and rendered it without making any changes to the yafaray settings. But it looks by far not as good as in the demo image.

It seems like it has no light… so I clicked “enable meshlight” in the yafaray settings, but it still looks the same.

As I said I’m currrently reading the documentation, but in case the essential information comes very much in the end: …what do I need to switch on in the yafaray settings to get this sunlight from the right, through the window (in the example file “Red Room” )?

That file was made for an older version of Yafaray so it renders differently now. If you remove the glass objects from the windows you will get something close to the example image.

The alternative is to adjust the lighting.

Ok, I deleted the glass… that really made a difference:-)
But that doesn’t mean that using glass doesn’t make sense anymore…it’s just because it renders a bit differently in the newer version?!

Yeah, you can still use glass.

I think also the way light and glass interact has changed too, so just increasing the light values may not get you an identical render, while simply removing the glass for that file gets close.

Another option is to enable Fake Shadows for the glass material and increase the lighting to around 3 times the current values, but that will probably result in some noise and you will need a different sampling strategy, so things just get complicated.

i fixed my problem…but im having a different problem in a different art peice :mad: