Some Proper Parkour (blender compositing)


Short video with some compositing done using blender.
Tracked with voodoo.
Music by No Age.
Thanks VT Parkour for letting me abuse their video.
Original video link:

thaks for watching.

That was awesome!

both the effects and the tracks are pretty cool imo. Your camera tracking looks very good.

Dude!!! That is wild!!! Is that a real person?

Nice smoke effects.
I love blender and parkour, so this is extra cool.

Haha, nice!

Thanks SAJ.

FreakyDude: Thanks. I was just lucky that tracking is accurate. I only press track button and wait whats going to happen. Sometimes it turns out well:) All those voodoo tracker parameters are mistery to me.

Robo3Dguy i guess its a real person. Not sure though. I didnt shoot the original video:)

Glad you liked it cauli and FootFungus.