Some questions about armature/bines

Hi, from the net I downloaded a rigged model. I want to learn by experimenting with it. There several “features”, which I can neither handle nor do I understand them: There two groups of bones: One group is visible in EDIT mode and in POSE mode. The other, second group of bones is only visible in EDIT mode. What is the purpose of those of the second group and how can I make them accessible in POSE mode. Since they are not accessible in POSE mode it seems they have no purpose. Any helpful reply is very appreciated ! :O) Thank you very much in advance ! mcc

Sometimes the bones are hidden. For example, a bone may be visible in Edit mode, but not in Pose mode.

If you want to see this bone in Pose mode, you first select the complete bone in Edit mode then switch Pose mode. Now in F9 buttons area you will see that bone’s name and next to it you will see “hide”, just unclick that to see it.

Why do people hide some bones, don’t know, maybe you don’t need it in Pose mode.

hi ozo,

thanks a lot for your relpy !

That solves half of the problem…

I normally use CVS-Blender (2.41++)
After recompiling an old 2.37a blender I found that “hide” bottoms
but I cannot find them in my 2.41++ build…

Are they removed or “carefully hidden” somewhere ?

Need more hints, please :wink: :))

Keep hacking!

The “hide” button is there in pose mode, It’s in F9, Under “Armature Bones”. There you will see somthing like “Selected Bones”. Under that, you will see the name of the bone selected (i.e BO: IK_Bone), and 2 rows down and 4 across you will see a tiny little greenish button that says “hide”.

Are you sure you selected the whole bone in Edit mode in the first place? In the 3D window, where your armature is, press “n” on your keyboard, a little box pops up with the bones details.

If you don’t see this pop up then you haven’t selected the whole bone, which probably explains why you can’t see it in Pose mode. Suggestion, try again, try select both ends of the bones in edit mode before going in to Pose mode. Good Luck!:slight_smile:

The reason they’re probably hidden in Pose mode is that they are not meant to be animated but just bind the mesh to the skeleton.

Which rigged model was that btw? I’ve collected just about every one I can find, but I’m always looking for more :slight_smile:

Do you have both the Ludwig and ManCandy rigs? If not you can find them in the ‘Best of’ thread in my signature.