some questions about Blender and Python


I am posting to ask for guidance in whether or not Blender is the right tool for me to use.

I’m looking for a way to create renders, vector illustrations, and animations using python, preferably with a lot of control over the various settings and options, and to be able to automate it completely.

I am not interested in a GUI, and would like to find something that can be run from command line. I would be importing geometry created in other programs, so I would have no need to model things by hand.

Do you think Blender is the right tool for me?

Thanks for any possible advice,


Yep, blender can load in geometry, edit / export / render / re-save etc…

You can also compile blender as a python module and use as any other py module.

Thank you. That’s very good news.

question for ideasman42: I can’t make the Blender as Pymodule…I’ve followed your example on a windows machine and when I reach to the step to run cmake from command line windows say that “cmake is not recognized as an internal or external command”

@sapro80, this is a build issue, I never had the problem but it isn’t specific to blender, you should be able to find info on how to resolve by looking up general cmake mailing lists and documentation.

@sapro80 probably cmake directory is not in your ambient variables. Just type the full path to cmake, or add it in my computer-> properties-> advanced system settings -> ambient variables (the names can be different since my os isn’t in english)

since i use windows i run cmake normaly(not from command line) and i manage to compile something…but now i have another problem…I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 express to build blender…but I didn’t understand what file should i build…first i try to build a blender.sln file and it give me some errors and when finish I didn’t find any bpy.pyd file…I try to build an install.vcxproj and same result…can you help with this please???

vc 2010 is giving problems, you should try 2008. and the sln file is indeed the correct one.

Open the full solution (blender.sln), right click on the blender project -> set as start up project, then build

New Text Document.pdf (198 KB)still the same effect…after building results 2 directoty: bin and lib…in the bin directory can’t find any bpy.pyd. there are 2 files named bpy.idb and bpy.pdb…i attache the building results…it’s seems that can’t find some files

What did I do wrong???pls help me